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  • Paperback: $40.00 /Digital: $15.00/Hardcover: $180.00

    A comprehensive guide to the history and religious significance of amulets, stones, runes and herbs found throughout Germanic and Teutonic cultures. Amulets is Gundarsson's finest work on the subject, providing an immense depth of knowledge on each and every amulet uncovered, giving you all the historical information needed to create your very own piece of history.

  • Paperback: $80.00 /Digital: $10.00/Hardcover: $65.00

    Simon Von Wolife is a survivalist and author of the Curiosity Apothocarious newsletter, in which he advocated using correct research, dosages, and proper preparation in film, books, and television to keep people from harm.

  • Paperback: $15.00 /Digital: $8.00

    This book was written by transcription in interviews with the author, Sue Handley. The work is published posthumously as a celebration of life.

  • Paperback: $50.00 /Digital: $9.99/ Hardcover: Coming Soon

    This book is book one in a series of books that are linked to a custom tarot/oracle deck of the same name. This series is a mixture of Heathenry, Druid, and Irish witchcraft practices from the authors. It explores the concepts of the transition of the dead from person to divine personhood.

  • Paperback: $20.00 /Digital: $9.99, /Hardcover: Coming Soon

    Kvilhaug’s book of The Goddess Iðunn uncovers her true associations and links through poetry and myths. Iðunn is often linked to concepts like youth and fertility, but why is this?

  • $50.00 /Kindle: $8.00

    The Happy Barn Cat is a complete guide to raising healthy working cats. Full of photos, illustrations, charts and more.

  • In Print: $15.00 /Ebook: $8.00

    -The Poetic Edda is Book One of the Deciphering Series.- The Edda poems were written down in the Old Norse language by Icelandic scholars during the 11th to 13th centuries AD. They contain a poetical, metaphorical lore about Cosmos and the fate of mortals on the path to immortality. A lore that is, despite having been transmitted in writing by medieval monks and scholars, deeply steeped in ancient Pre-Christian beliefs. 

  • Paperback: $40.00 /Digital: $15.00

    The most comprehensive guide to Norse literature, historical folklore, and more. Kvilhaug peels back the layers of the Eddas, Poems, and Sagas to reveal hidden truths within.

  • $125.00

    FULL COLOR VERSION The most comprehensive guide to Norse literature, historical folklore, and more. Kvilhaug peels back the layers of the Eddas, Poems, and Sagas to reveal hidden truths within. Maria’s background in research and philology is visible throughout with full illustrations, timelines, and beautiful translations of passages providing the key to unlocking and deciphering the hidden wisdom within. Her exploration of modern interpretations, past parables, and related cultural mythos provides a deeper layer into the mysteries of Old Norse practices.

  • Paperback: $12.00 /Digital: $8.00

    Book One of The Teutonic Way series. This single-volume set includes the original content published in the 90s as well as updated information, charts, tables, and more.

  • Paperback: $15.00 /Digital: $8.00

    Expanding on Teutonic magic, the book continues the pathway to understanding the heathen religion and faith. Teutonic Religion has been updated with new charts, tables, and diagrams.

  • Paperback: $12.00 /Digital: $6.00/Hardcover: Coming Soon

    Wotan, The Road to Valhalla is a comprehensive and in-depth guide on the god Wotan/Odin. The book covers everything you ever wanted to know about Odin. It shows us his origins, relevant lore, and historical worship throughout the centuries. The book includes modern stories about the current followers of Odin and rituals for practical use. Join the author, Kveldúlf Gundarsson in his personal thought to understanding Wotan.

  • In Print: $15.00 /Ebook: $8.00

    -Trickster & The Thunder God is Book Two of the Deciphering Series.- Norse myths are chock full with stories of heroism, gods, giants, dwarfs, along with strong elements of shamanism, pagan ritual, sorcery and shape-changing. With commentary by Maria Kvilhaug, this volume two book is a collection of Old Norse medieval texts concerning the gods Thor and Loki.

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