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  • Starting At: $150.00

    In-house custom cover session. Includes a 1 hour custom cover session with our in-house artist and custom files provided upon completion. Includes: 10-20m consultation and then design/customization of font/color on cover.

  • 200 Tokens= $1.99 First Three Free

    Egypt's book of the dead can do things that only can be found in the imagination of great storytellers. Damien, a mechanic, gets into an accident and becomes crippled. Along comes a mysterious book with a note of promises and a very dire warning. What would you do to get your life back as you knew it? Would you make a pact with an ancient Egyptian deity? What if that deity wanted to eat your girlfriend as payment for her gifts to you? Could you stave off the hungry cat demon? Can Damien?

  • Paperback: $10.00 Digital: $1.00

    To stop the evil one, they must work together to find the key. Can the agents of IA and the Immortals tolerate each other long enough to do that?

  • Paperback: $5.00 /Digital: $4.00

    When James comes home to Mama and Little Sister so he can detox from a crack-cocaine addiction he gets way more than he bargained for.

  • Paperback: $15.00 /Digital: $10.00

    A book dedicated to those writers of the macabre, those masters of horror, those mistresses of the night, those writers that inspired us, scared us to death, and brought us classics that still haunt our dreams.

  • Shrink Wrap: $40.00 /Box Wrap: $50.00

    Riding The Bones, The Deck is a pictorial oracle based on our own visions that we had during our exploration of the topic of death. The deck is meant to be interpreted by the user alone, it is our wish that each have their own evolving understanding of the deck that comes with time and frequent use. This is an 88 card deck. The first 21 cards consist of what most people are familiar with plus one, The Fool card. There are 9 unique cards that consist of direct depictions of Hel and The Morrígan in their various presentations and...

  • Paperback: $30.00 Digital: $10.00

    The Bone Jar is a psychological thriller about two killer lovers who find each other through pain, sadness, and murder. The story twists itself through the ties of childhood trauma while showing the reader how that trauma follows a person into adulthood and beyond. With FBI agent Desbrates on their tails, it all becomes frayed at the edges while proving that monsters are indeed real. With a Jack the Ripper's feel to the story, The Bone Jar shows the reader what becomes of us when we do not conquer our inner demons but instead what happens when we embrace them...

  • Paperback: $10.00 Digital: $5.00

    The story of a man, in his own words, who overcomes male childhood sexual assault and his own adulthood addictions to save the relationship between him and his twin daughters.

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