Rune Staves



Handmade wooden rune staves in a gorgeous wooden box made by Runic Pursuits. We have a limited number of these boxes in stock as they are incredibly hard to come by so grab them while you can. Each stave has a slight difference as they are handmade, but the uniqueness adds value in how beautiful and different they are. Each box includes 24+1 rune stave which contains the Elder Futhark symbol inscribed on each as well as a sheet sheet that contains meanings of each.

There are three colors available. All come inside a puzzle shaped box that holds all the staves for easy access. Display on a harrow or out in a special place, these runes are bound to delight anyone seeking to have a steady way to read the runes. Each rune measures .75 x 2 inches. The box measures 6.5 x 3 x 1.75 inches.