The Profile of Ivy

Angel Bay Underworld


Gender: Female
Siblings: one, sister
Family Life: Ivy has been systematically abused from the time she was born. She shows signs of significant physical trauma including two distinct injuries to the head, one scar on the side of her eye, as well as emotional trauma from the abuse. Father abused child with objects such as belt and spoons, involving in repeated humiliation and fear response. Ivy would defend her younger sister, often taking the abuse for her, and on one occasion did try and run away from home.

Due to the frequency of abuse, Ivy developed classic PTSD and CTPSD which she expressed through unhealthy behavior like other cases of classic child abuse. Most victims will seek out parties that will continue the harm inflicted on them. As with other cases of female sexual abuse, most victims are known to commit to self-destructive acts, “Childhood sexual abuse produces a hyperarousal state which overwhelms the limbic system, leading to developmental dysfunction and restricted cognition. Due to the dysfunctional development produced by childhood sexual abuse, the adaptive modes have difficulty coping with stressful situations. Internalized psychological distress results in impaired coping responses often released by the act of self-destructive behavior.” AN INVESTIGATION OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS, Wood. S

Ivy has evidence of severe anxiety disorder due to fears of abandonment, fear of enclosure, fear of dark, and other such fears similar to other victims of severe child abuse.-Father would repeatly leave children secured in rooms with deadbolts, for days without food or water, children would be punished for defecating in room, Ivy shows signs of trauma on the bladder, kidney and other organs due to deprivation of vital nutrients-

Severe abuse and trauma caused Ivy to create a persona in her mind that altered her personality and created a deeply wounded individual that committed dangerous acts to ensure her survival. After escaping her home, Ivy allowed herself to be manipulated by a work college into committing sexual acts after which her first violent act was committed. Severing the male’s femoral artery, Ivy committed the murder during the moment of ejaculation and developed a sexual response from the killing, thus created in her mind the connection between blood and pleasure. This caused the development of a sexual sadist persona which engulfed Ivy. Due to her lack of boundaries and understanding proper care, Ivy went untreated for her disorders and due to her wandering, unstable life, she developed a strong connection to the concept of being the ‘abuser’ rather than the victim.

Evidence in her second murder of a female lover, indicates a strong sense of intimacy in her killings. The victim had her neck sliced from the front, indicating Ivy was onto of the victim at the time of the murder, it seems there was fluid on the bed during the act, indicating a sexual response from both the victim and Ivy, indicating that the killing had likely occurred during cotise rather than prior or post-cotise. After the second murder, Ivy self-isolated, but never disclosed her condition, the doctor, which we believe now, was also an abuser of Ivy based on other investigation of the asylum and its victims, it appears that the doctor had a desire to convert certain patients into his own personal servants and was also diagnosed as a sexual sadist.

Ivy’s relationship with this doctor, developed a keen affinity and associated persona disorder to the concept of her ‘needing’ a similar sexual sadist to fulfill her growing desire to control her environment. The two engaged in sexual bondage, willing acts of abuse which both parties seem to have engaged in diligently based on interviews with several observes and the findings within the doctors’ notes and Ivy’s diary which has been submitted for criminal investigation due to potential evidence remaining within. The killing of the doctor seems to be more reactive than her first two victims, he was poised slowly over time, indicating Ivy had evolved to a slower methodical killer. This ongoing development in Ivy shows that she had moments of clarity and her mind was expanding her need to control her world based on her past abuse by manipulating and eventually killing her lovers.

The murder of the doctor, fractured the last part of her mind, creating a persona that would eventually allow space for her to enter a submissive state with Troy. Troy being a thrill killer/sexual sadist, also had abuse in his history. Ivy became submissive with Troy based on what we now believe was a moment of clarity, when one victim seemed to trigger some part of Ivy that remained in the child state. The horrific acts committed by Troy in this one moment triggered a response in Ivy to escape. As she desperately tried to right herself, her fractured mind did not cope well with her awareness as memories began to resurface. The facing of her first act caused in her a complete psychological break. We believe based on the letter sent after the fact, that Ivy was eventually experiencing remorse for her crimes.



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