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Amulets: Stones, Herbs, Runes & More

A comprehensive guide to the history and religious significance of amulets, stones, runes, and herbs found throughout Germanic and Teutonic cultures. Amulets is Gundarsson's finest work on the subject, providing an immense depth of knowledge on each and every amulet uncovered, giving you all the historical information needed to create...


Attila’s Treasure

Attila's Treasures continues the story of Hagen from Grundy's earlier novel Rhinegold, as he is taken as a prisoner by a group ofnomadic Huns.



A fat, dreamy child, disappointing to his famous berserker father, Berki is given the mocking name "Beowulf" by his fellow youths.


Blade Honer

Following the story of an Osberg Priestess, Blade Honer is a fictional tale written by author Maria Kvilhaug


Celtic Ogham Deck

The Celtic Ogham is a collection of symbols created to honor the sacred trees/plants of the Celtic peoples. This deck is beautifully created with deep gold accents by a practicing Druid.


Deck of Wunder

The Deck of Wunder is a complete deck based on Rider-Waite using cute fantasy images to give a different look.