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  • Paperback: $40.00 /Digital: $15.00/Hardcover: $180.00

    A comprehensive guide to the history and religious significance of amulets, stones, runes and herbs found throughout Germanic and Teutonic cultures. Amulets is Gundarsson's finest work on the subject, providing an immense depth of knowledge on each and every amulet uncovered, giving you all the historical information needed to create your very own piece of history.

  • Paperback: $16.00 /Digital: $10.00

    Attila's Treasures continues the story of Hagen from Grundy's earlier novel Rhinegold, as he is taken as a prisoner by a group of nomadic Huns.

  • Paperback: $20.00 /Digital: $9.00/Hardcover: $60.00

    A fat, dreamy child, disappointing to his famous berserker father, Berki is given the mocking name “Beowulf” by his fellow youths. His love for the maiden Hygd drives him to his first heroic contest, in the course of which he is swept up by the wild passions of the sea-gods ninth daughter.

  • Paperback: $18.00 /Digital: $8.00

    The fourth book in the BLADE HONER series. Buy them individually or group them together. The fourth book follows the last year of the life of the Oseberg Priestess.

  • Paperback: $18.00 / Digital: $8.00

    In 775 AD, Thorbjörn is the last Thunder Warrior and Thunder priest of an ancient lineage reaching back to the Age of the great Stone temples in Götaland has found refuge in the peaceful Baltic River Lands.

  • Paperback: $18.00 /Digital: $8.00

    It was a great story, and I was almost swayed by it. I could be a Viking queen if I wanted it. I felt the hands that held the spindle of my fate. The hands hesitated. 

  • Paperback: $18.00 /Digital: $8.00

    It the year 790 A.D. Thordís and Zivh have reached the pirate slavers´ town of Aldeigjuborg (Staraya Ladoga, Russia) and must make a life for themselves in the terrifying world of the Viking Rus...

  • Starting At: $150.00

    In-house custom cover session. Includes a 1 hour custom cover session with our in-house artist and custom files provided upon completion. Includes: 10-20m consultation and then design/customization of font/color on cover.

  • $40.00

    The Elder Futhark is a set of symbols used by many heathens to do oracle type readings for spiritual and religious purposes. This deck features images that bind the user to the meaning of each rune.

  • 200 Tokens= $1.99 First Three Free

    Egypt's book of the dead can do things that only can be found in the imagination of great storytellers. Damien, a mechanic, gets into an accident and becomes crippled. Along comes a mysterious book with a note of promises and a very dire warning. What would you do to get your life back as you knew it? Would you make a pact with an ancient Egyptian deity? What if that deity wanted to eat your girlfriend as payment for her gifts to you? Could you stave off the hungry cat demon? Can Damien?

  • Paperback: $20.00 /Digital: $10.00

    16th Century Europe is filled with elves, dwarves and others unfold in the steampunk landscape of Forlorn Hope.

  • Paperback: $18.00 /Digital: $6.00

    A warrior, impetuous and proud, an insatiable lover, and a man of restless, violent spirit, Gilgamesh has been chosen to guide his kingdom in times of war and peace. His strength and courage are unsurpassed, yet his reckless heart threatens the land and the people who are dependent upon his sober, benevolent rule.

  • Paperback: $10.00 /Digital: $3.00

    Ever wonder why we don't always look like our family? The answer might surprise you

  • Paperback: $10.00 Digital: $1.00

    To stop the evil one, they must work together to find the key. Can the agents of IA and the Immortals tolerate each other long enough to do that?

  • $60.00

    Intention Kits contain a deck of cards, a set of candles, a tea or bath item, a curated hand picked item to be placed on your sacred shrine/harrow or shelf.

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