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The Deck of Wunder is a complete deck based on Rider-Waite using cute fantasy images to give a different look.

Tutorial Looking for instructions on how to use our decks, check out our Guidebook Hub Description A tarot deck of various soft almost watercolor images, on a borderless design makes this deck a unique collection of images.  78 cardsStandard Size: 4.75×2.75 Icon-facebook Icon-instagram1 Pinterest Twitter Youtube Tiktok Linkedin Envelope Earthly…

Elves, Wights and Trolls explores the relationship between the small beings throughout the Nordic region and their relationship with both humans and gods alike. From the small beings that dwell in rocks and plants to the large giants that formed strong relationships with the gods.

Embracing Heathenry is a book on finding your path and living as a modern day heathen.

16th Century Europe is filled with elves, dwarves and others unfold in the steampunk landscape of Forlorn Hope.

A warrior, impetuous and proud, an insatiable lover, and a man of restless, violent spirit, Gilgamesh has been chosen to guide his kingdom in times of war and peace. His strength and courage are unsurpassed, yet his reckless heart threatens the land and the people who are dependent upon his…

The Happy Barn Cat is a complete guide to raising healthy working cats. The book is jammed packed with resources, tips, tricks, recipes, illustrations, personal stories and more.

It's All Magic To Me is an urban fantasy novel about a talking cat named Sphynx who finds a girl named Willow who happens to be the most adept magical human in history.

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