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This was the first cover I asked if I could take as a way to learn how to create covers. Sheal is the ultimate designer at TLS she just knows how to make Photoshop behave, something which I have not yet been able to master.

Iron Nails-Their use in magic Iron nails, in their various forms, have played a significant… Read More Admin of TLSAugust 21, 2023 The Grimoire A grimoire is a significant artifact in the realm of… Read More Admin of TLSAugust 15, 2023 Exorcism Exorcism is a fascinating and controversial practice that…

Students of the Poetic Edda have long ignored a seemingly unassuming, yet most important mythical character: Namely the mead-offering Maiden that appears at the heart of many a myth and heroic legend. This study shows how the Maiden with the Mead appears at the climax of a ritual structure within…

The Edda poems were written down in the Old Norse language by Icelandic scholars during the 11th to 13th centuries AD. They contain a poetical, metaphorical lore about Cosmos and the fate of mortals on the path to immortality.

Maria Kvilhaug's extensive book on the Poetic and Prose Edda. The Seed of Yggradsill uncovers the hidden mysteries within.

Tutorial Looking for instructions on how to use our decks, check out our Guidebook Hub Description Based on various characters from Slavic lore, this deck is absolutely beautiful, the art is extremely detailed, high fantasy art.  78 cardsA QR code is included in the deck to access a digital guidebookStandard…

The Teutonic Way is a series of books exploring the heathen pathway/worldview along with practices and religious ceremonies.

Norse myths are chock full with stories of heroism, gods, giants, dwarfs, along with strong elements of shamanism, pagan ritual, sorcery and shape-changing. With commentary by Maria Kvilhaug, this volume two book is a collection of Old Norse medieval texts concerning the gods Thor and Loki.

Twilight Tales is a book woven within an imaginary world created by dust. The stories unfold across the pages with a variety of themes.

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