Silent Invasion

Let’s Talk Alien Invasion Story.

Silent Invasion was a serial novel I started years ago. What inspired me was a local book from my area. One that involved our little town of Elliot Lake, Ontario. A man named Brian Horeck wrote Frozen Beneath and Minnow Trap along with Minnow Trap 2. All situated in our off the beaten path, in the middle of nowhere bush town. Once a mining town but now a mix between retirement living town and regular mid-life folk like myself. It is based in Elliot Lake, Ontario off of the Oompa lake area. It is a myriad of Elliot Lake legends like the crazy pigman in the blue bus – no he wasn’t crazy but yes there was a blue bus in the bush – long gone for many years now.

The overall gist of Silent Invasion is about the human race surviving the onslaught of an alien invasion with the help of another alien race who have already been nearly wiped out by the common enemy. A conflict of culture between two different people (sic species) and the conquering of both a common enemy threat and the cultural differences.

It is a project that explores the differences and similarities of two species trying to work together for personal survival. One species being rough and aggressive, even misunderstood by the other. It’s a project that parallels our own inter-species differences of culture and race while struggling to understand each other on a more human level.

Inspiration for this novel came from a plethora of sources, from Stephen King and his writing style to Star Trek and X Men. The biggest inspiration was the human species. Every day we battle differences among ourselves, from color of skin to religion and culture and every day we win the battle but not so much the war. In my attempt at writing this serial novel, I am hoping to bring to light those battles won and wars lost. The human plight of difference within commonality and similarity is a difficult and touchy topic. It is my hope, that one day we will beat our need to isolate, destroy, and demean those who are different from us. We all bleed the same and we are made from the same cut of fabric. May our next generation excel where we have not. I hope you’ve enjoyed the current installments on the blog and look forward to showing you the rest of the chapters in the near future. Hint: Twice a week until the first week of December, so far there are only 7 chapters. I will, one day finish this one too.


Layla ~

A strong-headed 34-year-old woman recently moved to Elliot Lake, Ontario. She had her house built along the shores of Oompa Lake. She is an early retiree from the advertising industry. She is accompanied by Belle, her golden lab dog. Her parents are deceased, leaving her with a rather large inheritance.

Chokan ~

Belongs to the alien race known as Ravanian, home planet is Ravnos. His race was obliterated by the Gatherers and the Masters. Came to earth to try and help them defeat the invading aliens at all costs. Very aggressive and dominant. Feline like species with the ability to heal quickly. Carries a symbiote named Janka and has both primary and secondary claws as a built-in weapon with organic armor.

Janka ~

Chokan’s symbiote who provides his immune system in return for transportation and protection. She is also Chokan’s ability to heal quickly. There is a psychic connection between both host and symbiote.

Old Man Mac ~

The old man that lives in a bus painted blue and retrofitted with a wood-burning stove and propane tank. He lives out in the bush as a hermit and has gone crazy due to post-traumatic stress syndrome from the first Gulf War. Gruff in nature, his bus and he reside on the other side of Oompa Lake from Layla’s home. He is also based on an urban legend made up by high school students from Elliot Lake.

The Gatherer ~

The bug-like creatures that gather food sources and slaves for the Masters. They proceed with the Master’s arrival to planets scheduled for taking over and destruction.

The Masters ~


Mr. Grey ~

A playoff of Stephen King’s book The Dream Catcher. Mr. Grey is a greyhound dog that turns up in the beginning of the book. He becomes a companion to Layla and provides comedic relief between himself and Chokan.

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