Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Seven

Story Time

Chapter 7 : Breaking a Sweat

Mr. Grey whimpered as Layla shifted uncomfortably. She had spent most of the night beside Chokan worrying as he moaned and writhed from the fevered dreams all night. Now she wrung her hands nervously as he shifted to his side and opened his eyes slowly. He winced as he tried to sit up and laid back down with some difficulty.

“How are you feeling big boy?” She asked not hiding her frayed nerves from her voice.

“Painfully sore, it seems that I took more damage than I at the first thought female” He responded with a whisper.

“Well, let’s survey the damage than,” Layla said.

She knelt beside him and tapped his organic armor softly, trying not to induce any more pain than what he was already in. When she did Janka roiled from the vibration of the tapping and Chokan roared in pain while slapping her hand away. He glared at her and Layla shrunk back from him while Mr. Grey growled at him with his fur in hackles.

He winced and hung his head. He hadn’t meant to scare her or holler at her like that but every time Janka moved it caused immense pain to shoot through his body. It seared and burned his already inflamed nerves, making them scream in agony. Janka was injured but she would heal eventually but it would take time.

Layla watched as he pulled the armor off revealing the bloody and raw wounds beneath it. She gasped as he rolled to his back to let her inspect his side. The ribbons of infection traced along his ribs and across his abdomen. Hot red and burning tracks that looked painfully sore. The infection was creeping up his chest and almost over his shoulder. Layla looked at him and shook her head, this was not good at all even with Janka he may need medical treatment.

She stared at him as she tried to figure out how to explain to a hospital emergency room what he was. They’d never believe her let alone the fact of how to get to the emergency room without running up against another Gatherer and without a vehicle this far out from the only hospital. Saint Joseph’s in the town of Elliot Lake was the closest hospital she could think of at this point and that was several very long miles to walk. They were north of the town and a far ways away north of it. There was no way to get there fast enough without a car at their disposal.

As if reading her mind he first shook his head then shifted away from her. “There is no explaining to medical professionals what I am nor is it a good idea to even consider their intervention female,” he grunted as he rolled to his hands and knees. He stood, shaking softly as he limped his way to the back of the cave and began, for the second time, to strip down.

Seeing even more of him and how the infection was wrapping around to his back made Layla more worried now. It was massive and looked like a full system infection in such a short amount of time. She shivered at the thought of what she might do if he were to die and leave her alone in this whole mess of a situation. Her mind recoiled from the idea of it, denying it and pushing it away as soon as the thought of it emerged. No, she couldn’t think about that now, it can’t be possible, she won’t allow it. She can’t allow for it to happen, she had to survive at all costs.

Chokan whimpered as he dropped to his knees and scooped up some water in his cupped hands. He drank greedily from them, slurping it loudly. It was cold on his fevered throat as it slipped deliciously down it. Soothing while it wrapped him with a cool sensation from the inside out. He threw his head back and sighed softly. Layla touched his shoulder making him tense slightly, he opened his eyes to see her standing over him staring at him. She smiled weakly and took her bandana off her neck while dropping to her own knees beside the water spring. She dipped it in the water and gingerly brought it to his side, touching the coolness of the wet bandana to the fevered and sick skin of his wounds.

He watched her hands move over his broken body, dipping the bandana again into the water and then pressing it tenderly to his wounds. She worked her way from his side and up his abdomen and chest then over his shoulder. Wiping away the seeping infection and cleaning his wounds. Watching her gentleness stirred him in ways he didn’t imagine a human female would have. He felt his heart rate jump and skin flush under her touch. He smiled weakly when she smirked at him over his shoulder then blushed. It seemed the human female caused much more than just his heart rate to rise.

He stared at the cavern floor sheepishly while Layla finished up tending to his wounds. She finished with his leg, picking away any dead flesh and dirt from it as gently as she could. Layla rinsed the bandana and soaked it once more while moving in front of Chokan to press the cool, wet fabric to his head. Her eyes met his and he leaned in so close that they were nearly nose to nose with barely an inch between them. Layla pursed her lips and stood her ground making Chokan grin. He winked at her playfully making her giggle softly while shaking her head.

That’s when the urge became strong, it was a driving hunger that stirred through the very core of him. He wanted, no needed to kiss her, taste her lips, and run his tongue across her mouth. He stared at her hard trying to decipher her body language, trying to weigh if she would reject his advances or reciprocate the kiss he so desperately wanted from her. He leaned into her softly and watched as her eyes widened and her lips parted slightly as she cocked her head slightly to the side. She felt it too then, it would be reciprocated after all. He leaned further in keeping her eyes locked to his as his mouth came closer to hers. He was about to kiss her when something slammed into his aching side causing him to howl and roll away from her. Mr. Grey growled as he stood over Chokan.

Seemed like the dog thought he would harm Layla. Chokan shoved the dog aside and spat fowl curses at it. Trying to kick it as the dog bounced away from him with its tail up and fur in hackles. Snarling and bearing its teeth at the Ravanian. Chokan shook his head and sat down, the sudden movements had winded him too much to even fight a small creature such as the dog. He grunted and turned back to Layla who was staring at the both of them with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Just like having a kid” She giggled loudly.

“Stupid dog” Chokan growled as he futilely kicked in its direction again.

Layla howled with laughter as she shooed the dog away. She sat next to Chokan and leaned against him gently making him look up at her. She kneeled over him and leaned down brushing his lips with hers tenderly. Chokan moaned against her mouth, pressing against her as he slipped his tongue past her lips and flicked the roof of her mouth. The kiss was deep, hungry, and long. Satisfying in the dark wetness of the cavern after the night’s events. She tasted like sweet fruit, warm mouth inviting and soft against his.

Chokan pulled away from the kiss, this couldn’t happen. He had no idea if the human female body was either compatible with his own alien body or could even carry a Ravanian embryo. He shouldn’t have let it happen anyway, it wasn’t appropriate. She was his charge, not a suitable mate. Layla sat there staring at him as he wrestled with these thoughts. The frown deepening on his face.

Chokan rose with difficulty, moving away from Layla while she stared incredulously at him. He winced and looked back at her with humiliation for taking advantage of the moment. For feeling what he did for her.

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