I am not going to go into the whole history of Charles Dickens, but I would like to focus on a few things about him that are interesting. His life was very difficult, although much of it was unknown until much later, it is widely suspected that he spent time in a workhouse.

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The Importance of Moral Stories [Part One]

Many people think morals come from a holy book but this is not the case. Humans are for the most part moral or at least know basic right from wrong even if they do not practice that or will reserve the right to ignore what's right and wrong. "If humans wish to survive, typically, we need to cooperatively live together.-Part One

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The Importance of Moral Stories [Part Two]

Although many morality tales date back quite a long way, most notably they began getting woven into many tales around the Victorian era because it was a skillful way to 'control' "After World War II, the prewar world was an Eden, an age where Britain ruled, colonized, and controlled.

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Many people consider Krampus or depict him almost demon-like. This is where unfortunately I may to some decree sprinkle a slight bit of heathen salt into the Christmas landscape that many know.

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The Yule Cat

You all know the Yule Cat And that Cat was huge indeed. People didn’t know where he came from Or where he went. He opened his glaring eyes wide, The…

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