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The Bone Jar: Killer of the Writers Block

This project seems to have taken on a life of its own. Quite literally, it is screaming to be let out into the light of day like some centuries old corpse that has been waiting for its time in the lime light.

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Start searching like Agent Desbrats! Troy and Ivy are around this summer and a second book is in the works! This summer we have a major book giveaway!! It’s coming soon! Keep your eye on our Facebook, TikTok and Shop for your chance to be the 1 of 3 to win a free, autographed book and skull spoon! 

To play along.

1-All players must find the hidden clues hiding on the Bookpedia, by clicking on the special images there, you will be taken to the shop where a second clue awaits.

2-Find the quote on TikToc and take a “SCREENSHOT” of the quote

3-Share the screenshot on our FB or Twitter with the tag #CAUGHTHIM

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