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Synopsis Helgi, heathen rock star extraordinaire, finds himself facing his destiny from his last life in his present day life. With fate a cruel mistress that often leaves one longing, Helgi must navigate his being called to Odin while cultivating his rock career and pining for his one true love, Karin. Valkyrie weaves in heathen beliefs […]

Rainbow Milestones

Synopsis Rainbow Milestones is the story of Sue Handley. The story follows her life growing up in turbulent times and her fight to establish gay rights. Sue was a fighter for her community, stood up to the government when it came to adoption, rights, marriage, and more. Outspoken, quirky, and fun, Sue is remembered as […]

The Teutonic Way [Series]

Overview The Teutonic Way. Is an all encompassing series on the practice of heathenry and its origins. From historical evidence to modern practice, Kveldulf Gundarsson dives in deep to the roots of our religion and of our deep connections to the past. Explore each book in this series The Teutonic Way: Magic Explores the religious […]

The Seed of Yggradsill

Synopsis The Seed of Yggradsill. The most comprehensive guide to Norse literature, historical folklore, and more. Kvilhaug peels back the layers of the Eddas, Poems, and Sagas to reveal hidden truths within. Maria’s background in research and philology is visible throughout with full illustrations, timelines, and beautiful translations of passages providing the key to unlocking […]


Synopsis Morufell is the story of two children who find themselves thrust into a different world filled with gods, elves, giants, ogres and the dead. The tale is told through a mysterious narrator who seems to know things that have happened and will happen to our main characters. The book is funny, insightful and full of […]

The Bright One

Synopsis The Bright One is a quirky tale, spinning the traditional views of the unicorn completely on its horns and giving us a journey that is beyond friendship, beyond loyalty, beyond the human and unicorn connection. Chapters The book is written as a continuous narrative with small minor transitions throughout. The book follows a variety […]

Twilight Tales

Synopsis Twilight Tales contains a collection of stories woven through different characters and places. There are stories that are linked to Nordic themes like Sasha, who is a rabbit that lives with the goddess Freyja. The Sun, and Moon which tells the story of the Mani and Sunna [god/goddess of the moon/sun]. Sisters Of Land […]

These Chains

Synopsis The story of a man, in his own words, who overcomes male childhood sexual assault and his own adulthood addictions. These Chains is written as a continuative narrative, following through the life of an abused child, the book deals with very sensitive subject matter. The story is told through narrator, as a first person point of […]

The Victorian

Synopsis The Victorian era bustled with scientific progress and discovery. The Victorian begins during this chaotic time. An inspired scientist has moved to a struggling mining town for better access to the materials that he will analyze for clues to what he hopes will be the nature of the human soul itself. As is so […]

The Story of Arbux

Synopsis The Story Of Arbux is an adventurous retelling of tales from the author’s grandfather. Reminiscent of the movie Big Fish and BFG, this story is woven between truth and fantasy, taking the reader on a trip through the intimate life of this amazing man. Beautifully illustrated with hand-drawn sketches, adding depth to the story within. […]

Happy Barn Cat

Synopsis The Happy Barn Cat is a comprehensive, relatable guidebook to raising barn cats. Written in an easy-to-understand format, the book explores our relationship with our living room lions and how to provide them all the care that they need. Melodi Grundy goes inside the world of cats with personal stories, historical examples, common household […]

Sue’s Flight

Synopsis Sues Flight is the story of a little elephant’s wishes to fly and so a group of her friends helps her dreams come true. An enchanting tale with a twist, Sue’s Flight reminds us to never stop dreaming. The idea was inspired by other great elephants like Dumbo, but Sue’s story is a different […]

Post Apocalyptic Herbology

Synopsis The most comprehensive guide to herbs you will find, Post Apocalyptic Herbology contains everything you ever wanted to know about using herbs in a world where access to prescription might be limited. The book is written specifically to assist authors of post-world lore, science fiction, dystopian/utopian landscapes, and more. It’s decided to give writers […]

Pagan Child

Synopsis Leading a cast of hundreds, if not thousands, our lead character is Baron Christian Christiansonn, and his young cousin Ulf, his wife, Maria. His Grandmother, Joan. Later we meet his own son Erik, and the most beloved, Mistress Freya, Erik’s mother. Along with his close allies lead by Gunter, Wilhelm, and Johannes, Christian interacts […]

Maeves Raid

Synopsis Join Stephan Grundy as he weaves this intriguing historical fiction for the reader set in the Ulster Cycle. Follow Queen Maeve of Connacht as she fights to save her title as queen and protect her people. A tale of blood, the past and present relationships and how they shape the people within them and […]


Synopsis Junked is written as a continuous narrative. The chapters of the novella flow through the life of a character as they struggle with addiction. It is painful, real, and personal. The author uses her own experiences and life as a model for surviving living with people who suffer from addiction. Chapters James: Main Character. […]


Synopsis GOOP explores the reason behind why we sometimes don’t exactly look like our family members. Some of us may look different than our family and that’s ok. This book explains the concept of genetics in a simple way for littles to comprehend. It covers thoughts that kids have that sometimes make them feel they […]

Forlorn Hope

Synopsis Forlorn Hope is a military/mystery fantasy set in a Landsknecht environment: the general political/social organization is that of an alternate sixteenth-century Europe with magic in addition to primitive gunpowder, the presence of fantasy races such as elves and dwarves, and so forth. The hero, Wolfram, is of noble birth but cast out from his […]

Demo Box [Fiction]

Synopsis This is where you will find basic information about a title. You will be able to read an overview of the novel itself and discover some key facts. In This Box Chapters, Insights, or From The Author content appears here. Each section is noted with various icons. An open book icon marks that the […]


Synopsis When the people living under the protection of Lord Baldfirth and Father Oshart are threatened by a most ancient evil, it is only a forest lad called Egric who can save them. Orphaned as a baby, and raised by his grandparents, Egric is now considered to be the last of the great forest people of […]

Earth, The Final Colony

Synopsis When mankind discovers faster than light travel, the mysteries of the universe open up to them. All the wonders and knowledge of space came at a price when Pandora’s box opens up and the doomsday clock starts ticking. Man has now guaranteed their destruction by discovering their own origins. Now it’s a race against […]

Bundle Bunnies

Synopsis Bundle Bunnies is a simple easy reader that involves advanced vocabulary introduction as well as basic number counting. If your looking for a basic pre-k to kinder reader, this book is a perfect start for your budding reader. Activites Try your hand at making these adorable paper bunnies: For Caregivers Links For Caregivers […]


Synopsis A fat, dreamy child, disappointing to his famous berserker father, Berki is given the mocking name Beowulf by his fellow youths. His love for the maiden Hygd drives him to his first heroic contest, in the course of which he is swept up by the wild passions of the sea-gods ninth daughter. Coming back […]

Bayou Terror

Synopsis There’s a strange sensation in 1969 Bardsville, Louisianna. With the murder of a young librarian and the carnival freaks like Frog Boy as the main suspect can Sheriff Clampton solve the murder in time to save his little town from the lurking evil of the Bayou Tache? Can Clem the Frog Boy and Don […]

Attila’s Treasure

Synopsis The story of Hagan’s stint as a hostage/fosterling among the Huns, and of various elements of his relationship with Waldhari (Waltharius of Aquitaine), particularly their parting battle, is found in several medieval sources. The most complete of these is the Latin poem Waltharius and the late Norse Pioriks saga; fragments of the Old English […]

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