The Last Man on Earth

Last Man on Earth

Sean Austin

“I knew you would come.”

She scowled at him, her wet hair plastered to her pale face. His flabby body filled the doorway, clad only in a torn t-shirt and dirty white y-fronts. She suppressed a shudder when she saw he was rising at her appearance.

“Did I have a choice?” she muttered.

He chuckled and stepped out of the doorway, letting her into the bunker.

“I have the only fully stocked and ready bunker in town.” he answered smugly. “You might not think I’m good enough for you but at least I’m prepared for the apocalypse.”

Looking out at the glow of immense fires on the horizon, he couldn’t resist digging the barb in a little deeper.

“I guess for once I’m better than that useless jock boyfriend of yours.”

She hesitantly walked past him and deeper into the narrow bunker, eyes roving over the neatly stacked boxes of food and other supplies. She finally stopped and sat on the bed and look up at him. He smirked in approval at where she had settled.

“I told you they’d nuke us.” He gloated. “No one would listen but I offered you a place here just in case.”

Walking toward her, his smile turned lecherous and his own eyes moved up and down her wet clothes.

“You know, all these supplies weren’t free.” he said conversationally. “All those people outside are going to die from radiation. When we get out the world is going to need repopulating.”

His tongue ran out over puffy lips as he stared at her expectantly.

“How about we get you out of those wet clothes and start now?”

She stood slowly, a thin smile crossing her mouth as she joined him. Leaning in, she whispered into his ear as she drew a knife from her sleeve.

“Not if you were the last man on Earth. I just want your bunker.”

He stiffened as she pushed the knife deep into his ample belly, a weak grunt of pain escaping him. Twice more she drove the blade home before she moved back to let him fall. Stepping over him, she smiled sweetly back over her shoulder as she opened the door.

“Anyway. My boyfriend and I have already started working on that problem.”