The More You Know About The Sisters

Sheal Mullin-Berube

Traditional and Indie Published

Quick Stats:

  • Born in Montreal
  • Irish-French Quebecer
  • Married mother of 5
  • Owner operator of Black Cat Editing
  • Document Technician & Graphics Designer
  • Speaks French, English and some ASL

Favorite Movie: Ip Man (Donnie Yen) Franchise

Favorite Genre: Psych Thrillers & Horror

Favorite Song: Take Me To Church by Hozier

Favorite Quote:

“In writing, you must kill all your darlings.”

– William Faulkner


Do You Have a Hidden Talent?

I came from the Catholic school system and with that came the church choir. I can sing and apparently sing quite well according to some friends and family! I’m no longer of the Catholic faith but I still sing a mean tune from time to time, mostly in the shower though!


What’s Your Favorite Pass Time?

My favorite pass time is survival camping in the bush and fishing. I love to read, watch movies, and draw as well. In the summertime, if you don’t find me at my drawing tablet you’ll find me in the bush at a lake with my tackle box and fishing rod!


What is Your Current Writing Project?

What am I working on right now? In my spare time, I work on a trilogy called The Soul Series. The first book was completed during the 2019 NaNoWriMo competition called Tamashii (Soulful). The other two books are Unmei (Destiny) and Mujona (Soulless). They are my magnum opus. They can be read in any order a reader wants to read them in and are interconnected with each other. It’s also my head nod to my favorite author, Stephan King and his magnum opus, The Dark Tower.

Go then, there are other worlds than these.

– Jake Chambers, The Dark Tower, Stephan King


Why is The Dark Tower Your Favorite Book?

My Favorite book series is The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Why? Well because it has an intriguing take on “string theory” calling it other whens rather than parallel universes. The DT series bleeds into other books like The Stand, Duma Key, Black House, Talisman, and so forth. It’s a whole set of universes rather than just one universe. The ultimate rendition of actions have consequences. It’s so intricate and so deep a rabbit hole that you can get lost for a whole lifetime in it.

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