The Publishing Process

The Three Little Sisters is one of the few publishing houses that does provide development and mentoring for authors that need a wee bit more help to get a manuscript complete. We work with the author to flesh out the manuscript and create a more marketable work. This means an author does not have to have more than a concept prepared in order to begin working with us.

The Three Little Sisters is an independent publisher that uses a HYBRID form of publishing in order to create literary works in PRINT and DIGITAL formats. This white paper will explain our process and walk through what steps authors take to get their work from rough draft to published.

The publishing process normally takes place after an author has finished writing the work. Writing usually involves having a concept that you wish to convey to an audience of readers. Most authors or inspiring writers generally come up with these concepts based on prior exposure to other literature that inspired them to create a similar variant, a different variant or a completely new variant. Sometimes authors have a desire to write books that explain a process or pathway in a more academic tone.

The first step is generally the hardest one to get past as writing a book takes time, perseverance and support to undertake. However, there are a few organizations that you can join in order to get support along the way. Once you get a draft manuscript then an author can seek out a publisher to produce the work in a format that meets the industry standards.

We take manuscripts from their humble beginnings and transform them into fully formed books. We are not a vanity press, there are no fees for submitting or publishing your book. We run our house just like the big publishers do.

We use a hybrid model that combines Amazon Print on Demand, Kindle, Apple Books, and Android formats to ensure authors can achieve total coverage across platforms. We utilize limited print run services with our own private print house. Through this method, we are able to keep a book in print much longer, giving much more access to publications. Rather than frustrating readers with out-of print books that end up costing hundreds of dollars, we grant the ability to give access to these books to everyone.

The Three Little Sisters is an independent publisher that focuses on stories that matter. With our combined 16 years in law, editing, and art, we apply the tricks we have learned to get a book not just published but published with the best possible chance of success. We are family-owned and operated, providing our authors with VIP treatment at every step of the way.

To find and cultivate authors from various backgrounds and communities and bring them into the public view by publishing their book in various formats. The goal is to preserve writing as an art form and to lift up marginalized communities. We provide not only publishing services, but also resources for writers that are beneficial. Instead of vague or unclear steps on how to publish, our ability to convey information in an easy to digest manner with a focus on transparency, allows us to give authors the best possible start. Our goal is not just to publish, but to uplift writers of all kinds.

Authors are kept in the loop with constant updates, asked to provide feedback at different stages to ensure all parties are satisfied. We work hard to ensure all books get a dash of our unicorn magic to make them a work of art! The Three Little Sisters is an independent publisher that focuses on putting the author first.

Transparency, Honesty,  Professionalism, Passion. These are some of the values we hold.

Vision: to have indie authors seen as legitimate and worthy authors to readers around the globe and have a global shift in how writers are seen in culture and human development.

All authors who wish to submit a finished or unfinished work must do so through our submission process.

• Generally this involves us reading the first 10 pages if not requesting additional pages in order to assess the work required on a specific manuscript.

• The editors that work with The Three Little Sisters will review the work and provide feedback to our acquisitions team. This process can take about two weeks to three months.

• Once a work has been selected for acquisition a contract is signed.

• The work is then added to our publishing queue where we track the stages and progress of each project.

• From the time of submission, it generally takes anywhere from SIX months to ONE year in order for a project to be assigned to an EDITOR.

The finished manuscript is handed over to our layout department that will take the book and polish it for release. During this process they will strip the book of any formatting and code and provide a clean print ready format that meets the proper margins for print.

During this process, the author will receive THREE chances to look at the work, and provide notations and corrections on anything missed.

Once complete a GALLEY copy will be produced which allows the author to see the work as it will appear in print. This process allows for last checks, ensuring that all parties are aware and happy with the changes, the layout of the book and understand what it will look like in PRINT and DIGITAL.

Our Goal: To provide quality books that; inspire, educate, thrill, and elevate. We support and promote titles that showcase voice from minority, lgbtq+, and academic communities. We publish both seasoned and new authors our goal is to provide a platform for authors that they can be proud of. One that focuses on providing readers with something unique, meaningful, and profound. Storytelling is a cornerstone of TLS, inside every book is a piece of an author’s soul expressed upon a written page. we combine both digital and handmade illustrations inside our kid’s line to give books just that little bit extra.

Cover & Production

    1. The cover is then designed with notations from the author and shown to the author prior to finalization.
      The book is then slotted for production which means the book will be uploaded to the publishers preferred platform and scheduled for release.
      Once produced, the book is released to all distribution channels that we work with. Generally this is automated from our publishing platform.
      Within six months all titles are visible and available at: Bookshop, Ingram, B&N, Chapters, Indigo and other retail outlets

The Three Little Sisters has an extensive social media presence which we leverage in order to promote our authors books. We conduct several ad buys to ensure all eyes are on each release. As an indie press, we do expect authors to take part and help us in marketing. A lot of people think you have to have an existing group to advertise to, but we have found this not to be true, authors do have to be active in pushing for people to read their works but you don't have to be well known to get sales.


  1. Once scheduled, The Three Little Sisters creates a variety of media to announce the release.

  2. We generally provide 2 ads per outlet [Twitter, Facebook and Instagram] that authors can use on their own accounts to post as announcements as well as several unique ads run through our channels specifically which broadcast and push announcements out about various titles.

    We then provide a press sheet to all bookstores we are linked to on wholesale and select certain titles to float to Barnes & Noble.


Wholesale: The Three Little Sisters handles all wholesale orders and generally offers titles at a low cost option to vendors who buy more than ONE title at a time. We take care of all the processing, delivery and coordination of wholesale orders and generally hold a few titles in house for special sales or sample copies.


The Three Little Sisters uses ONIX which is the official channel viewable by both Libraries and Distributors like Ingram. Ingram is the worldwide distributor of books to retail locations like Barnes and Nobel, Target, Walmart and Bookshop.

Distribution means that the book is available to buy as either a PRINT ON DEMAND or READY TO SHIP product. POD is standard for The Three Little Sisters as the inventory never runs out and is constantly available to print the moment an order is placed. Ready to ship, requires additional steps to be completed in order for the book to be available for high volume orders.

Either root allows authors to maximize the availably of their books and allows for collaboration and arrangement for local signings etc.

Our royalties are some of the highest in the industry which allow us to focus on getting the best work, and providing a fair price on books that we produce. The printing and distributing process being a combination of Ready to Ship and POD allows us to have a system that provides both immediate sales and provide NET terms to larger retailers that require the option to return or order in large quantities.

The Three Little Sisters works hard to provide a place where authors can feel supported. We use the most current methods to create a market ready publication. Our goal is not just to sell books, but to provide a space in which authors can feel supported to explore their own ideas, pathways and interests.

Publishing can be a daunting process but with The Three Little Sisters, we strive to keep the process TRANSPARENT. We include the author in various steps along the way so that they can see the progress on the book and know that we are doing the job they signed up for. We do not require authors to have an AGENT to publish. You can submit without any inquiry letter, without any expeierince or without any collective audience at all.

When you submit your work, we take care of it all, from editing, formatting, layout, cover, marketing and distribution we are a one stop shop. We do not charge fees for any of these services. All services are included in every contract.

There is a one time fee of $125.00 for your ISBN if you are an INTERNATIONAL author or want a HARD COVER version of your work in addition to the PAPERBACK and DIGITAL. This fee goes to the ISBN registrar and is required of all publications.

For all other authors, the ISBN is free for your first book and charged if you want a variant of the work produced. Most authors do not need to have multiple versions produced outside of the first run in PAPERBACK and DIGITAL, but some authors do want a hard cover as a collectors piece.

All non fiction authors are provided with all three as non fiction is formatted more like a text book and requires us to make a hard cover version along with a paperback and digital version. All non fiction titles will receive a free ISBN unless they are international.

Download the entire guide above in a complete PDF

Regardless of how big or small, The Three Little Sisters publishes them all!

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