The Three Little Sisters Apothecary

The Three Little Sisters has launched an apothecary to expand our spiritual side and to create an ‘immersive’ reading experience. Drip into baths filled with luscious soaps that help you escape the everyday!For people that want a more spiritual experience our ‘intention’ boxes contain little god/goddess cards with basic offerings and harrow/altar setups for you to begin your pathway.

Our belief is that our spiritual life is part of our daily life and with that in mind even simple acts like having a bath infused with elements that are tied to an infusion of mind/body/soul while creating a total experience for those that wish to bring their gods into their lives.

Regardless of whether you are an old school practitioner, newcomer to the pathway or are just exploring, our intention boxes provide enough to get you started on your way. Our different boxes are built for those that are looking to dive deeper into an experience which will include a little kit of items to make your night in that much more memorable.

Seasonal kits will become available in 2022 with the boxes themed to match. In the box you will find a collection of products to set the mood for a wonderful start to your day or a perfect end to your evening. You can grab just the products individually or collectively in a special little box tailored just for you.Intentional kits will follow the seasonal calendar and be curated to two distinct gods/goddess from the Norse and Celtic pantheon as well as a selection of items associated with them.

To view products and upcoming kits view our new for full details on upcoming and current products.

To shop now visit us on ETSY:

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