The Three Little Sisters Society

A place where you can come to take a workshop, view tutorials on decks, writing software and more. 

Self Guided Workshops

Workshops that teach how to write, how to build stories, how to use writing tools and software and more. All workshops are completely online and downloadable with easy to follow instructions.

Video Tutorials

Tutorials show how to use our decks and also provide deeper guides on the same materials contained in the self guided workshop areas.

World Building For Kids

A completely free workshop on storytelling for children ages 6-11. This free printable comes with some basic guidance on how to build a story including games, a diy dice and more.

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Deck Tutorials

All of our free tutorials on our Rider Waite Deck, Elder Futhark Deck and Riding The Bones Deck. Tutorials show how to do various draws. Advanced tutorials on Riding The Bones including some card readings are in the works. Elder Futhark “Artistic Deck” Elder Futhark “Simple Deck” The Ogham Deck...

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