The Three Little Sisters Society

Launching in Spring 2022, The Three Little Sisters opens the doors to our non-profit society dedicated to teaching writing to a new generation. Run on Buy Me A Coffee, our programs will be free for the first 5 participants and then open to everyone for a small monthly fee or ‘al la carte’ depending on what you need. Children under 18 will be free forever as will registered teachers.

All others will be either asked for a $10.00 membership fee or to buy workshops ‘al la carte’. The workshops help develop skills in writing including learning how to build a whole novel from scratch.The children’s program will focus on fun projects that help build worlds, create characters through blending traditional learning materials like activity sheets along with online gaming sessions in Minecraft and Fortnight. Play along as we build amazing stories and learn how to write our very own adventure. The most amazing part of our society is going to be the In Resident program.

One participant per year gets selected to work alongside with an admin to build a novel from scratch. They get personalized attention, editorial sessions, help with novel development, character development and more. They can choose to get a production ready file that they take to self-publish or let us do the work for them. All profits from sales of the work get donated toward future programs. Participants get to keep their production copy and cover, but the publishing house retains the copy to produce and sell for charity. Signups open in April 2022; the first few ones are free so take a spin through our society and become a member today!

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