You will need to have internet connection and install DISCORD before the conference! Please make sure you have that app installed. We will also have a SLACK channel open.

Current Authors join: #tls-virtualcon in Slack

Official Agenda

  • March 18: Keynote with Larisa, Sheal and Sarah
    • Discord Chat with Larisa, Sarah and Sheal. Come drop in for Discord chats about any questions you have. Chat will be open all day 9-6 EST/HI
  • March 21: Editing, presented by Sheal
  • March 22: Social Media presented by Sarah
    • Social Media Package Drops [for use by all authors]
  • March 23: Layout, presented by Larisa
  • March 24: Explaining Distribution
  • March 25: Second Discord Chat with Admins of TLS from 9-6 EST/HI respectively.

How to access the event:

  • All videos will pop up on THIS page for you to access at any time of day/night. 
  • To Join in our Discord chat, click the button below and you will get added to our virtual server.