Bundle Bunnies

Official Cover

Sheal Mullin-Berube

Born in Montreal, Quebec and now residing in Northern Ontario. A practicing eclectic, solitary Druidic Shaman with Unitarian Universalists ties.

Larisa Hunter

During her time with Kenaz Kindred she lectured at numerous Canadian heathen and pagan festivals, written articles for several books, and recently published her first book, “Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru” (Megalithica Books, Immanion Press).


Bundle Bunnies is a simple easy reader that involves advanced vocabulary introduction as well as basic number counting. If your looking for a basic pre-k to kinder reader, this book is a perfect start for your budding reader.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Bunnies: https://www.natgeokids.com/nz/discover/animals/general-animals/10-hopping-fun-rabbit-facts/

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