Demo Box [Fiction]

Miss Unicorn

The mysterious author of our fan box posts, custom content and apparently some other magical unicorn dust that appears on our site.


This is where you will find basic information about a title. You will be able to read an overview of the novel itself and discover some key facts.

In This Box

Chapters, Insights, or From The Author content appears here. Each section is noted with various icons.

An open book icon marks that the content is related to a special feature inside the book. A pen icon will indicate the content is directly from the author.

In This Box

This box will have either easter eggs, an excerpt, some fun activities or links

The icons range from the LINK icon, a HIPPO icon or a group of THREE LINES that indicate 'excerpt'

Icon Map

Extra Features

On some of our fan box pages, you will find videos, links to research documents and also free downloads for children and parents alike. We attempted to make the children’s pages very different than the adults, buy including some key features such as animation, tutorials, educational resources and more.

Follow Robokitty along to the free activity center where you can grab some coloring sheets, get links to free games, get activity packs, and more! 


Fun Facts

This section contains fun facts that are related to the information in the book. Sometimes this section will contain a special review of the title, expanded notes from the author, or other features that you can choose to view as you see fit. 

All facts and links are curated from Wikipedia.

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