Earth, The Final Colony

Official Cover

Jean Claude Swart

“One day you will build starships.” My father once told me as a boy. I never knew what he meant. Only further down the road did I realize what he meant that day.


When mankind discovers faster than light travel, the mysteries of the universe open up to them. All the wonders and knowledge of space came at a price when Pandora’s box opens up and the doomsday clock starts ticking. Man has now guaranteed their destruction by discovering their own origins. Now it’s a race against time as their scramble for survival begins.

Series Info

Earth, The Last Colony is the first novel in the Children of Mars Series.

Chronology: 1) Earth: The last colony of man, 2) Hellion Rises, 3) Adam’s Tears

Inside Book One

Book One: Earth, The Last Colony

1-relationship branches

The entire team acts as the Protagonist collectively. Barcus and Death cannot stand each other at first, but eventually, they get along. David is in love with Diane, but Remus and Diane, being in a symbiotic entanglement causes her feelings for Davis to disappear and even though Remus only regards her as a dear friend, she still falls in love with his ghost. 


Each book in this series takes place a year apart from each major event to the next. Except book 2, which takes place 2 years after the first book. The third book will take place 1 year after the second book. In total the book spans several years.

From The Author

This series my tribute to a lot of great creators that caught my attention over the years. Playing a video game or watching a certain movie or reading a lot of sci-fi books over the years shaped the way I write. My main influences, although not apparent maybe in this particular volume, was Frank Herbert’s Dune, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, George Lucas’s Starwars Universe, and a lot of other books and series, but also some video games like the Mass Effect Universe, Shadowrun series and every other sci-fi roleplaying game in existence.

Even More On Book One

George as president of earth, created death to do his bidding, but Death loathes the man, so he undermines him and manipulates him into staging a coup against the Seven. The councilman’s relationship with the rest of the cast is that he is their overlord and eventually becomes their enemy. Romulus and Remus are brothers and Lucinda their sister. Cressida their mother and Castes their father (Although he features nowhere in the entire series except by name) Pericles is a creator, and therefore an enemy of mankind and features very briefly at the end. Decker Hanson and Jason Argo loath each other at first, but will become friends eventually.

Fun Facts

Did you know that sci-fi was mostly invented in the late Victorian period with the start of novels like The Time Machine. H.G.Wells is considered to be the father of science fiction. He was inspired by many of the insane inventions that were in progress around his time period. During the Victorian period, many advancements were made in both science and technology and many of these advancements led to curious thoughts of what would happen if technology got out of control. Imagination ran wild and created not only many novelists but also a series of uncanny creations that thankfully don't exist today. To discover some of those dangerous inventions, check out Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home [Documentary]

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