Honour, Fortune & Glory

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Roy Worrall

Member of The Order of St. Knud-“re-enactment community interested in the values, lifestyles, and everything 14th century.” Roy loves historical fiction, history, and all things re-enactment.


This story is intended to be read as simply the work of fiction that it is, although it can also be used as an educational book. It grew out of an idea, put forward by the Knights Guild of Wessex and Mercia Inc., that every member of the group should have a small, one or two-paragraph story that they had made up to describe how they each came to join the “ancient” Guild, for their play-acting. My paragraphs – over the years – like Tolkien’s tales, grew with the telling – very large indeed.

While most of the characters and events in this book are intended to be entirely fictional, I have utilized some actual mediæval individuals and occurrences as well as real places to aid in setting the book in the proper context of history and geography, although some of these real personages and events may be deliberately misplaced in time. Research into the Domesday Book, various atlases and many other reference materials, along with numerous places on the Internet – especially www.british-history.ac.uk – has turned up the names of these real people, places and events, which I have woven into the fiction that is this book, for which I give due reference and deference wherever possible.

ALICIA TREHERNE -guest illustrator-

Born and living in Brisbane, Australia, I am an Artist and Art Therapist with an interest in Medieval history. Involved in Medieval Enactment for over twenty years, I have been keen to research medieval art and calligraphy. In 2010 I was the winner of the Master Artisan for a piece of pyrography on wood for the Medieval Masterpiece competition at the Abbey Medieval Fayre in Caboolture near Brisbane. Starting off by studying photography, I went on to teach people how to sew and still make our own costumes to show people how life was lived in 12 – 14th century. I moved on to make leatherwork for a retailer and make several ecclesiastical items including copes, banners, and altar frontals. In the meantime, I studied calligraphy and now use mixed media to create new art from photographs and illustrations.


  • Adam of Portsea: Nephew of Baldwin
  • Ælicia: Rolf’s wife
  • Alan: Blacksmith
  • Alard: Blacksmith, Alan’s father
  • Anne: Wife of Stephen the carpenter
  • Anselm: Scribe
  • Anthony: Bowyer/carpenter
  • Baldwin of Portsea: Held land from Jean de Gisors
  • Bardulf: Rapist
  • Benjamin: Jew, Money lender/Fisherman
  • Daniel: Karen’s dead husband

Inside The Cover

There are 42 chapters inside the novel. They are written to continually follow the characters through a landscape of the 12th Century. Roy Worrall's extensive knowledge of this time period makes the novel extremely detailed and accurate. If you're looking that helps you form a character for SCA, RPG, or creating characters.

Fun Facts

The 12th century is the period from 1101 to 1200 in accordance with the Julian calendar. In the history of European culture, this period is considered part of the High Middle Ages and is sometimes called the Age of the Cistercians. The Golden Age of Islam kept experiencing significant developments, particularly in Islamic SpainSeljuk and Ghurid territories. Most of the Crusader states including the Kingdom of Jerusalem fell to the Ayyubid dynasty founded by Saladin, who overtook the Fatimids. In Song dynasty of China faced an invasion by Jurchens, which caused a political schism of north and south. The Khmer Empire of Cambodia flourished during this century. Following the expansions of the Ghaznavids and Ghurid Empire, the Muslim conquests in the Indian subcontinent till Bengal began to place in the end of the century.

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