The Seed of Yggradsill

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Maria Kvilhaug

Maria Kvilhaug is a Norwegian author and historian who writes in the English language. She was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1975. She has written


The Seed of Yggradsill. The most comprehensive guide to Norse literature, historical folklore, and more. Kvilhaug peels back the layers of the Eddas, Poems, and Sagas to reveal hidden truths within. Maria’s background in research and philology is visible throughout with full illustrations, timelines, and beautiful translations of passages providing the key to unlocking and deciphering the hidden wisdom within. Her exploration of modern interpretations, past parables, and related cultural mythos provides a deeper layer into the mysteries of Old Norse practices.


Divided into sections that explain various elements of Norse mythology, Maria takes you on a guided journey through the mysterious wording of passages and the hidden clues these hold.


In 2010 and well into 2012, urged on by her beloved man, Maria began to release lecture videos where she discussed the poetical metaphors and deeper spiritual and philosophical meanings of Old Norse myths, especially as they appear in their oldest, poetical form in the Elder Edda. 

Maria Kvilhaug

She employed a way of presenting her theories and her research that she had learned from growing up in a family that still took the old ways of making entertaining and poetical speeches very seriously, ways that were designed to convey difficult and complex matters in a fashion that would be easily grasped even by people who never knew anything about the subject matter before.

Having studied art, she added some performance art techniques, making the videos visually pleasing and mysterious. The video series "Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths" may be found on her YouTube channel with the username (and alias) "LadyoftheLabyrinth".

Her original site has been transferred to her new site, where she posts in-depth articles on a variety of subjects. Her knowledge of Norse Myths and feminist history is highly coveted among academics. 

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