Women At The Table

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Most of this post is going to be pro feminist, because I am a feminist, so that’s where I am coming from. I am strongly influenced by the women that came before me, many of whom, inspire my writing. My mother, was a writer. She would write poetry, stories and songs that I still have amoungst her few belongings. These pieces of her remain as a testiment to where my creativity comes from. My family were storytellers, they would often gather around us as kids and put on little story hours, and we were encouraged to do the same. I have tried to influence my daughter in the same way. Although, many of the books I read were a mix of genders, my favorites were Are You My Mother, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Beatrix Potter to name a few. As I grew, I found myself wrapped in the epics of Austin and the depths of Shelly, and further still in the dark labrynth of Atwood. Those of us who went to College might be well familiar with the stacks of womens litearture that you get in ‘liberal arts’. All of them told me of a world in which my voice could be someday heard, just like theirs.

To have female writers at the table, inspires other females to want to join! By entension, we invite those who identify as women to lend a unique perspective to the mix, providing a wealth of knowledge. Whether this is in the corner of our mouths like Wendy’s mother, or the outspoken boldness of our comedy, our reverence, our lense of hands that have touched the well of womanly wisdom, we are part of a limited and exclusive club.

Women have a unique look in life when it comes to the world, I belive a lot of women are naturally inclined to create, some of this was forced by the system in which women were limited in what they could do, and many ladies in early history had little else to do but write. In fact, ancient women, would write plays for the household to preform and many would write letters to husbands or lovers that read of tantilizing love and devotion. As the rise of women pushed through history it seems our words would be restricted and relinquished over and over, perhaps for fear of giving a woman a tongue.

As “So it is my affection for the whole human race that •makes my pen speed along to support what I believe to be the cause of virtue, and •leads me to long to see woman’s place in the world enable her to advance the progress of the glorious principles that give a substance to morality, rather than holding them back.”A Vindication on the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1792.

Women have translated bibles, have written great works of art, we have always been involved in work, but until those trailblasers went forward, we had no real bulk of things we could look at. When we think about these steps, it is inspiring that we have made it this far, now its time to go farther. It’s time to hear from women of color, its time to hear from trans-women, its time we hear from the disenfranchised women out there who have been silenced. So, sisters, fellow women, welcome to the table, you are more than welcome to come here.


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