Writer’s Block

Just the mere mention of it makes any author cringe. The big WB, writers block. I once heard that it’s best to just keep writing, write anything and everything that comes to mind. Another tip I got was to get a tape recorder and just talk it out. Sounds pretty simple, except I hate my voice on tape. It irks me in some way that freezes me in place and makes me just sit there silently. I think that has a lot to do with high school and how I was forced to “perform” like a puppet for assignments that required speaking in front of the class. I hated it, it made me sick to my stomach to do those assignments but I digress.

I think writing anything and everything that comes to mind, including outlines or character builds helps the process of  “unstucking” oneself from writers block is a good tool. If one isn’t as squeamish as I am about voice recordings then that would probably be a better bet.

When I’m completely stuck at the point with the plot and characters, unable to move forward in a particular genre and style of writing. I opt to keep moving with another project. Reverse course, change directions, choose an alternate path to focus on until the previous path decides to rear up and say take me today. I guess the old cliche of “keep on trucking it” applies quite well to this subject matter (or fodder if you prefer) of writers block so, as the cliche goes I will keep on trucking it and see what comes of the whole thing. Wish me luck as I bury deeper into the bowels of writers block hell.

Hi! I’m Sheal, I’m the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally published and Indie published author. I’m also a college educated document technician.

What do I do at Three Little Sisters? I curate, I liaison, I edit, I layout and I art around. I am a Jane of all trades and run a tight office ship to keep everything running smoothly between our staff and authors.

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